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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A little early.....

Hmmm.  Do you think I'm a little early with this?

Yep.  I think so too.  On Saturday Dennis volunteered to get my box of snowmen out of the storage closet for me.  I don't remember the last time he did anything with decorating because I ALWAYS do it while he's at work and I hate to ask him to do things I can do.  He works way too hard as it is.  This year he didn't want me crawling around the storage area and carrying boxes because of my back so he brought EVERYTHING upstairs.  Not just the snowmen.  Everything.

I was so tired of autumn d├ęcor since it's been out for two months and since we aren't having any company for Thanksgiving, I thought I would just put my snowmen out.  I love, love, love snowmen.  Well, one thing led to another and by the end of the day the tree was up.  We didn't put one up last year so seeing all of the ornaments and talking about where they were from was lots of fun.  I really enjoyed putting it up together.

Everything else is out too and "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"  I have never, ever put the tree up this early and I'm sure by Christmas I'll be really tired of it but I'm sure loving turning the lights in the room off and just enjoying the tree.

Thank you to everyone who asked about my tests.  All the biopsies came back clear-no cancer!  The nurse told me they removed 12-15 polyps in my esophagus!  No wonder my throat hurt for awhile!  My 6 month cardiologist visit is this morning and then hopefully we're done with doctors for a long while.  The insurance company told me this morning that once again I've met my out of pocket for the year so I don't have to pay a co-pay.  f course it's the end of the year and we start over in January.  You really don't want to hear what our out-of-pocket is.  It's outrageous!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends and I hope the rest of you have a lovely week.  I have much to be thankful for this year and every year.

"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!" 2 Corinthians 9:15


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Organizing madness...

Hello everyone!  It's one week to Thanksgving.  Are you ready?  We're heading to Moses Lake to spend the day with Jeremy and Alicia and the boys since none of our kids will be out west this year.  But our church had it's annual Thanksgiving potluck last Sunday after church.  Here is the fellowship hall all decorated and ready for the feast to begin.  There was so  much turkey, ham, stuffing and all of the trimmings that I think everyone went away 10 lbs. heavier!
 I used to be in the kitchen for this every year but some of the younger ladies are dong it now and it's wonderful to relax and enjoy the festivities.  Lots of us pitch in for the clean up afterwards so no one get "stuck" with it all.
 Mandy sent me this photo and asked if I recognized this dress.  It was the dress the flower girls wore in her wedding!  I thought that one of them had given it to Piper as a hand-me-down, but no!  Brad's mom found this one at a garage sale!  Isn't that crazy.  The wedding was in Oregon and the garage sale was in Nebraska!  It fits little miss perfectly.
Thank you for all of the well wishes for Mandy and Piper.  They are both much, much better.  Tamiflu is amazing!  And just in time too, because Piper has a new baby cousin.  This is Brad's mom Marilyn with Piper and her newest grandchild, Shelby.  Piper is thrilled to have her "own" baby to play with.
 I was asked to make a hat and scarf for a friends granddaughter who is moving here in December.  She doesn't have any warm weather clothes and so she definitely needs some winter things.  This is a pattern I adapted from a favorite baby blanket pattern to scarf size.  you use size 10 needles so it goes fairly fast with a 4 row pattern repeat.
 This close up shows the stitch definition a bit more.  The red heart is a progress keeper.  I haven't decided on a hat pattern yet.
After watching some organizing podcasts and being totally frustrated with our bathroom cabinets I decided to organize and purge.  A trip to the Dollar Tree and $7.00 spent and I'm really happy with the results.  This is my side of the bathroom vanity.
Here is Dennis' side.  Much less "stuff" and the cleaning products are in there too!  Guys just don't seem to collect as much do they?  Although to be fair, that shoebox under my side on the left has travel size toiletries that we've picked up on trips and at Bath and Bodyworks.  I use them in my purse, knitting bags, etc.  I have a weakness for nice smelling lotions.
 The top drawer of the vanity which always seems to become a "catch all" drawer. 
Then, since I was on a roll and still had a few of the storage items left, I tweaked my yarn closet a bit.  I keep cards and wrapping things in here too as well as completed items not given away yet.  On the left side of this section behind the closet door is a set of plastic drawers that holds my cross stitch supplies. You can't see that in this picture.  On top of the shelves where you also  can't see are two more plastic totes full of crochet cotton thread.  Those white tubs at the bottom left hold all of my specialty sock yarns. I try to arrange the yarns by weight.  Baby, DK, worsted, etc.  Now this may not look like much yarn, but this isn't all of it.  Hold on.....
 I have three tubs in the top of our master bedroom closet that have 18-one pound balls of worsted and baby weight yarn, 6 balls in each tub. I use lots of this in my charity knitting as they usually prefer acrylics over wool for washability.  I try to buy it when it's on sale.  There will be a serious dent put into this yarn in the near future.  I want to get some baby blankets done soon.
Under the television in the living room is this bookcase with cloth bins.  It's full of the yarn that I use almost exclusively for the mittens for the school children.  I have no idea why I bought white.  I never, ever have used white in mittens for children!
 Here is a basket with the scraps from the mittens.  I'm going to use these somehow I just haven't figured out how yet.  Maybe some mittens with stripes although that adds a lot to the knitting time.  That's my childhood teddy bear guarding the basket. :-)
I also have three shelves of yarn in the bookshelves downstairs!  It was given to me by a lady at church who moved and didn't want to take it with her.  It isn't my favorite yarn to use, Lion Brand Homespun.  I find it splits when knitting and crocheting with it but I will find a use for it.  I promise.

Chloe is shedding her summer coat.  I put a TV remote next to this pile of hair I brushed this morning so you could get an idea of how much hair she's losing.  I have done this every day this week.  I don't know how she isn't completely bald!  She's so good though.  It must feel wonderful to be brushed and get all of this hair off of her.  Yuck!  I love my dog utterly and completely, but I don't like the shedding at all.
I had my endoscopy done on Monday morning.  It was a little rough.  I think I've told you before that I have never been sick to my stomach in well over 40 years except for when my heart stopped.  Mandy tells me that's not unusual for that to happen.  Other than that, I really don't remember the last time.  It was long, long before I married Dennis.  Well, I was sick, sick, sick when I came out of the anesthesia.  They removed several polyps in my esophagus and have sent them off for testing.  Otherwise I think everything is okay.  They fiddled with my meds though while I was there and I've had chest pain off and on since Monday.  Today is better so I'm hopeful that all is on the upswing.  Sometimes it seems like nothing goes easy for me and I'm not sure why.  I have my semi-annual visit with the cardiologist on Tuesday so if anything is still off, I'm sure he will catch it.

We've had a gray and gloomy week of rain that washed all of the snow away.  I kind of like it.  I've been huddled inside, getting some cleaning done, knitting on my mystery  project and watching Hallmark Christmas movies.  Yes, I'm one of those.  I love the corniness of the movies.  With all of the yuck in the world, the innocence and guaranteed happy endings is a bright spot and an escape.

I have two Knit Picks orders on the way.  Yes, I said two orders.  Looking at the photos above, it sure doesn't look like I need more yarn does it?  I plan to make lots of socks though and I want to re-knit Taci's new pattern with some nicer DK yarn than what I used for the first one.  One order should be here tomorrow and the other next Monday so I'll have some yarn goodness to show you next week.  It's my Christmas present so I don't feel too bad.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are staying warm wherever you may be.

"Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name." 1 Chronicles 29:13


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Good Morning!

Happy Thursday morning to you all. It's a cold, rainy day outside today.  A perfect day for snuggling in with my knitting, but I do have a few errands to run so I have to brave the elements.  We ended up getting about 7 inches of snow here at our house over the weekend. It's still on the ground, but probably not for long since it's supposed to rain for several days and be in the upper 30's.  That's okay with me as it should wash away most of the white stuff and make it less slippery when walking.

I don't have a lot of knitting to show you because it's been all knit, knit, knit on a mystery project.  Here is a sneak peak though and all you'll see for awhile.
As you can tell, it's lots and lots of stockinette stitch.  Back and forth. Back and forth.

Miss Piper joined her Mama in contracting Influenza a, but was put on Tamiflu within hours and is doing much better.  I was informed on Friday that her little hands were cold and she needed new mittens.  She wanted purple, so I made purple with darker purple stripes and they were finished that day. I had to wait for the post office to open on Monday to mail them.  She got them yesterday and sent me a picture.
They fit perfectly and she looks like she's feeling much, much better.  And look!  She lost her first tooth last week too.  Poor Mandy is still not feeling very well and they're both still coughing and sneezing, but Piper looks lots better than she did over the weekend.
Larry and Nita had a run in with a snowplow with their new car on Sunday.  Ouch. The blade caught the door and just ripped it back.  Oops!  A hazard of driving in snow and ice.  They are both fine but obviously the car has issues.  Be careful out there.

I'm still working on Dennis' socks when I'm not at home and need a small carry along project.  I'm at the heel turn now for the second sock, so we're on the home stretch!  A good thing too.  I just placed an order at Knit Picks last night.  I have more sock yarn on the way!
Chloe loves these dark and gray days.  We snuggle up in the living room and watch knitting/crochet podcasts, her on her bed and me in my chair.  I do love winter for the coziness and contentment I feel in being home.  I am blessed.
Ready for the continuing saga of me?  If not, that's okay.  I'll see you back here soon and you can skip the rest.  As you know I had my mammogram last Friday.  They called me on Tuesday afternoon and made me go back yesterday for a repeat mammogram and an ultrasound. The new 3-D machines are so sensitive they pick up everything...which is a good thing, but for me, ended up with more pain.  Of course the two spots they found were on my pacemaker side.  After an hour of  torture, seriously, it was PAINFUL, I was told it's probably nothing and to come back in 6 months for another mammogram.  Oh bother!

And on top of that, I have an endoscopy scheduled for Monday morning.  When Dennis' had his a few weeks ago, we all, (the G.I. doctors office), realized that I had never been rescheduled to have a follow-up endoscopy done after the one I had 9 years ago.  It said I had Barrett's syndrome which is a pre-cancerous condition and you're supposed to have follow-up endoscopies every 2 years.  Oh well, it's only been 9 years! :-)  I told them that if I HAVE to have one, they needed to schedule me before the end of the year because we've met our out of pocket again this year.  I'm truly hoping next year will be better...but that's what I said the year before. 

The only time we have ever met our out of pocket AND deductibles was when I had our babies.  Now, in the past three years we've met it every year, and every year it goes up.  It's a ridiculously high out of pocket we pay now, along with high premiums.  I tell you, moving to Japan after retirement and becoming Alex's dependents like he wants us to, is sounding better and better.  We would have medical provided for us as his dependents.  Just kidding, we aren't planning to move there, but something has to be done, I just don't know what.  At this rate, retirement for Dennis isn't an option.

And on that bright and happy note, I'm going to close.  I want to get my errands done early because FedEx or UPS is supposed to be delivering a package from Amazon today and I don't want it left in the rain.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Sorry for the rambling.  Life is life and I share it all with you.  The good and the bad.  That's what friends do, right?  I know that I am truly blessed and privileged to lead the life that I do.  Some of those blessings are each and every one of you who come to visit me here in my little corner of the world.

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." John 13:34-35

Blessings always my friend,